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Info and Care

At SlutWitch BDSM Shop, we are dedicated to providing the kink community with high-quality BDSM collars and resin paddles. We take pride in our craft and strive to offer the best products possible. Your support of our small business means everything to us, and we are grateful for your trust in us.


Paddle Care

My full sized resin BDSM paddles are made to be able to withstand heavy impact and are made with body safe resin but do require some special care. Please do not clean your resin paddle with any alcohol based cleaning supplies but water and soap is always safe! Do not display your resin paddle in direct sunlight, it may cause the color of the resin to distort slightly. Finally please try to avoid leaving the paddles in extremely hot temps like your car on a hot day.


My collars are made with faux leather, they are built for play and they have a D ring on the back if you would like to attach a leash. You can clean your collar with alcohol wipes if needed!

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